Just because one person’s problem is less traumatic than another’s doesn’t mean they’re required to hurt less

J.A. Redmerski

  ​I never talk about THAT.Everyone knows what THAT is and everyone knows that I am not comfortable with telling that story.
  Sometimes,when I’m drunk enough I explain HOW that felt but I NEVER explain them WHAT happened.

  Right now I am completely sober, but I need to describe the way  THAT  felt.

  One second I was okay, I was a normal teenager who painted her nails almost everyday.The next moment, I became a ghost,I became an anxious, paranoid being.

  THAT changed who I was.I literally felt that something broke inside me.

  You’ll never be the same after being hurt.I am not the same person who was fine.I miss that person who was REALLY fine.

  These days I feel as if I am not alive.I feel as if I am watching myself on a screen .

  Today I told them the truth about being „fine” .

The fact that some people don’t care is painful, but life goes on and on.


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